Norman Park has been an important and treasured green space for Bromley residents since the 1940s. The park has many different users, from dog walkers to athletes. A variety of events are held here throughout the year and, happily, the park is becoming ever more popular.


The Friends of Norman Park are a non-profit community group with a shared love of the park and neighbouring Elmfield Wood. Together we aim to support sporting activites, protect the wildlife and improve amenities.


We have our own events, from regular litter picking to family fun days, to which all are invited!



A strong and active Friends group is a great way for everyone to have their say about the issues that matter. As a fully constitued community group we are able to liaise with the contractors responsible for the park and Bromley Council in order to tackle problems - plus we are able to fundraise, receive donations and obtain funding to further our aims for the park.


The more Friends of Norman Park there are, the louder our voices are heard! We're a diverse, inclusive, positive and passionate bunch of Friends, do come and join us...


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